Our services


Our team has a big sense of creativity, that makes her able to be in charge of your project in all of its parts, and to provide every step of his production (conception, screenwriting, directing, shooting, editing, post-production, multilingual adaptation “dubbing, voice-over, and subtitles”, besides original music).

SAISS MEDIT PRODUCTION can do an executive production, or coproduction and all types of collaboration in the cinematographic and audiovisual field.

We can secure the progress of the project since the idea until its finalization, and this by passing by all the steps: preproduction, shooting preparation and planning, production, then the postproduction, and finally the finalization.

Pre-production :


Pre-production :

With a big interest and professionalism, we can provide the conception of your idea, and its screenwriting, whatever it was the type or the genre of the project, fictional, documentarian, or advertising, we can give a script that satisfies your needs and artistic instructions.

Shooting Scheduling :

to prepare a shooting is something usual in our company, so, that helps us to not forget any detail and to be more specific. We will give you all the steps that will make your shooting easier :

  • Scheduling
  • Breakdown sheets
  • Location scouting
  • Shooting planning
  • Budget
  • Provisional schedule
  • Lists of sets, of props

Production :

Give us a script and we’re going to give a movie! According to the budget that you’re going to secure, we will be able to be in charge of any need that your movie will be asking for, and of course with a balance of a productive and artistic supervision.


Postproduction :

By the effort of professional passionate team, SAISS MEDIT PRODUCTION secures:
*Editing (with the software that you recommend among Premiere pro & Final Cut Pro).
*Graphic design (by the collection of Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator)
*Mixing (Pro Tools)
*Color grading ( Da Vinci Resolve)
* Music, subtitles, and any need that can shows up during the postproduction.

Post production :

We can provide a number of postproduction units according to each need, the number is variable according to the client requirements.

  • Editing
  • Graphic design
  • Mixing & Sound mastering
  • Color grading
  • Multi lingual adaptation (subtitles, dubbing)
  • Voice over